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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ha Long, the masterpiece of nature

I experienced the beauty of Halong Bay through the material and narrative pictures of everyone. How poetry, the music soothing, so much the fine words in favor of dedicated people for this place that I have long cherished once came to discover beauty where history’s “wonders land between the sky “is.

By last summer, I was conditioned to organize a family trip, resort in Ha Long Bay.AlthoughHalong is a known famous landscapes of our country, is the ideal destination attachment legs millions of domestic and foreign tourists every year, but when it actually felt amazing scenery here, I not surprised by the beauty from the elves that the Creator has bestowed favor of this land.

Halong peace.

After the trip, not only me but everyone in the family shared an extremely interesting experience. Halong is a masterpiece of nature. Pick up early dawn on the bay, I like walking into a dreamy fairytale thought only capital in the fairy tale “type Cu rural agricultural waste pressing trans / Pants ancient mural painting flags to heaven” (Hundred vast river flowing around the mountain / islands scattered like a chessboard, instant ocean sky blue color. King Le Thanh Tong).

Land, air, water colors blend into each other like. Equivocal light of dawn, after waking up from a mix of forest islands, the gentle morning light beam is projected into the water paint a charming picture painted marine poetical. Released into natural, clear soul, purity of the morning, all tired of the chaos of daily life such as evaporated. A peaceful feeling, how relaxed …

Especially when sitting on the boat began a journey to explore the Gulf Islands, I experienced a lot of sense, going from surprise to surprise the other. Real world, but like dreams, the scene of that lost in the first place Penglai scene. Stitched together a jungle island with the shape transformation immeasurable beauty to the magic. I still remember childhood or released soul in the clouds floating wear jewelry for the imagination is soaring in many interesting frame for when the clouds come sweeping in tan.

Chaos of life has long made me forget a fun time, until it is washed in a population living in the islands of Ha Long Bay, the emotions of childhood arise in me again.Imagination was the opportunity to unleash thousands of flying in large and small islands provide the appearance, shape individual, unique, distinctive, not just any island which the island.

And this experience seem fresh and interesting. If the soft clouds, the hole drift could disappear at any time before the strong wind is the opposite of this island is the world’s great masterpieces of nature, thousands of years still stand as clearly marked with the survival time.

Halong sunset

Depending on your perspective, mood and feel of each one of the world is on the island is lively and sometimes it is flexible, soft and floating, while the solid, imposing, certainly as invisible walls stretching take. Along with the introduction of his guides, the island suddenly senseless more closely with people and full of expression. Someone has really clever, sophisticated setting for each island names meaning, express the mental state, the soul hidden in each island: over the roof, than my head, Hon La Vong, Hon Mr Master , Raspberry Island, Dinh Huong island …

These emotions also arise in my back when the team arrived to explore the mysterious cave in the heart of the island. Each cave is a work of great beauty, sophistication of the Creator, each carries a cave magical beauty that all visitors are surprised to see leave the step fails.

Each bearing the name of the cave is rustic, simple but also very unique, how special. The most extensive and beautiful, located in the heart of Halong Bay as Sung Sot Cave. The name of the cave has been partly to inspire people to the beauty of this fascinating landscape. The first between the earth that visitors entering the cave must be shocked, amazed. The stalactites in colorful sparkling lights fanciful … to say beautiful heart.

A little more distant as the Heavenly Palace – a famous caves in Ha Long Bay which every visitor to visit the Gulf can not be ignored. Dynamic to a magnificent, magnificent attractions visitors by a system of stalactites falling into a multitude of strange shapes and vivid. There are stalactites hanging down like a curtain stunning, with images looking like stalactites Nam Tao, North Star, the singing, dancing … is a beautiful masterpiece of nature, a beautiful fairy among rare earth.

And yet awe before Thien Cung, my ecstasy before the magical transformation of Dau Go caves – such as ancient castles, majestic and grand. The multi-colored stalactites want pictures like form depending on perspective transformation, rich imagination of every visitor …

dao nhap nho
These undulating islands with a myriad of shapes.

Smoking scenes our people, the stories associated with the scene as well as charm the hearts of those who are keen to learn, discover hidden beauty here. Each island, a cave in Ha Long Bay … are contained in the legends about love, life, underlying cultural values ​​- the history of a period of struggle against foreign aggressors and to protect homeland …

In your exploration of Halong Bay this time, I also have the opportunity to Cua Van fishing village located at Hung Thang Commune, Halong City. Every step I have been fascinated by the beauty of a pristine fishing village with fishermen simple and frank, friendly. In the context of peace, the lives of the fishermen here still occur in association with the peaceful image of the boats …

I not only visit and explore the cultural life of Cua Van fishing village but has also been directly involved in the operation of net and fishing with the fishermen.Strenuous and difficult than I thought a lot. But looking at the shrimp, fish, fresh crab …, the result of a process with the fishing practice, feel the hard work of the Gulf fishermen, really very interesting, compelling and meaningful …

Sightseeing tours, family resort in Ha Long Bay was this really gave me a lot also emotions and exciting experience. Divine beauty hidden in each scene where it leaves me no steps, which sit inside the car full of attachment. There are many interesting sights on the Gulf but in the short time conditions do not have the conditions discovered.

Hope that one day the closest I have chance to come back Ha Long, to continue to discover the beauty hidden in the thousands of islands …, be immersed in the beautiful space that delicate hands of the Creator skillfully artifacts for this place.Ha Long Bay is a unique masterpiece, unique nature.

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