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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Halong Bay – A Impressive Holiday Experience

Halong Bay is a very popular travel and leisure destination.

It’s location is in the Quang Ninh province of Vietnam and is also acknowledged as being a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is a body of ocean of roughly one thousand five hundred square kilometres in Northern Vietnam. It incorporates a 120 km’s of shoreline around the Gulf of Tonkin Gulf close to the border of China. The gulf is largely clustered with 3000 limestone islands. The alluring splendor of them climbing out of the sea is amazing. The development of the limestone karst has taken place over many millions of years. Actually one will discover absolutely nothing such as this {any where} on the planet, it’s a collection of absolute beauty and natural wonder.

According to historical analysis there is evidence of prehistoric people there 1000′s of years ago. Praise and popularity have been awarded over many years, documented dating back five-hundred years. It was then praised “the rock wonder in the sky”, in a verse by Nguyen Trai. In 1962 Halong Bay was also recorded in the National Relics and Landscapes publication, along with the 1994 UNESCO listing as a World Heritage site.

Regional legend will tell you that fabled gods sent mythical beasts to Vietnam to enable them to battle the Chinese. As ammunition the mythical beasts started spitting out jade and jewels. This formed into the islets and the islands that are scattered along the bay. All these connected together creating a wall of sorts for defense.

Halong Bay is also a location of extreme biological diversity. With tropical forests, coral reefs and literally thousands of species of animals and plants. There is a population of around 1600 most living in floating homes and fishing being the mainstay here. However with over 200 kinds of fish and over 450 varieties of mollusks there is fishing a plenty.

If you are planning on going to Halong Bay, generally there are a lot of ways to do this. When arriving at Noi Bai International air-port you then want to go to Hanoi. From Hanoi you actually have a several different choices to get to Halong Bay. Helicopter is 1 way to go and definitely the most exceptional method to get there. Other methods to get there might be by public bus, which can be really an adventure as it takes 5 to 6 hours based on traffic. By private car is the very best way to go. Normally takes around 3.5 hours and you have a car driver that knows exactly where to go, well worth the price.

Kayaking Halong Bay, Vietnam
Now when in Halong Bay there are several opportunities for one to go on the many Halong bay tours . A lot of tourists desire to come from Hanoi for the day to tour and other people arrange to take longer. No matter of the timeframe it’s a trip you will undoubtedly want to do. You will discover no better magnificence then sailing down the emerald seas and seeing the stunning islands, mountains and islets, it is truly spectacular and a once in a lifetime encounter.

There are numerous Halong Bay tours, cruises and junk boats. You can decide on to go as a group or opt to do it privately. This particular way you can have more convenience and your tour guide is all yours. The duration of your trip is up to you, yet to do it justice at the very least three or more days and nights or more is advised. Be ready for the Halong Bay tours of your life, you will discover you have never really witnessed something so awesome.

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