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Monday, June 25, 2012

Daily life in the Halong Bay

The beauty of Halong Bay is not only famous for Vietnamese but also for people all around the world. Beside the different size limestone mountains and the unique ecological environment which attracts visitors, there is another beauty ofHalong which is not well-known, that is the picturesque daily life.

Halong Bay is acknowledged to be the natural heritage of the world and the topography heritage of the world by UNESCO. Halong Bay is also voted to be one of the 29 most beautiful bays by the Beautiful Bay Club since 2003. The amount of visitors to Halong Bay is about 6.2millions in 2011. The beauty of Halong is not necessary to talk about much, because it is proved by those numbers.

Visitors who come to Halong could not forget to come to the bay. Besides, there is a charming beauty painted by the people of this very bay.

People of Halong are also hard working, mild and quiet. People in here often live by fishing. When the tourism is not famous in Halong as currently, people often come out to the sea every morning and back in the afternoon with smile of full fish boat. Today, there could be so many other tourist services and the living standard of Halong people may be raised. However, there is a peaceful Halong outside in the fishing village.

There is the scene of the morning with fog and boats going out for fishing, joining in the floating boat, that creating a part of Tumult Sea. There is a mast with so many patch parts. There is an old woman sitting and chewing the betel, and the sound of the children calling each other to school.

What could be more real daily life than that? What could be nice and simple like that?

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