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Discover Halong Bay - World Heritage of Vietnam

If Hanoi is the grand old dame of Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City is the brash young floozy, then Halong Bay, Hue and Hoi An are the alluring mistresses you encounter along the way.

How to find safe travel in Halong Bay

Having read the news about tourist boat sunk in Halong Bay, Vietnam some days ago, ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA would like to give out some advices about how to travel safely and enjoyably in Halong Bay.

Cruising Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay looked picturesque and was sunny and warm. Indochina sails, Ha Long bay , Vietnam We got up early today as we need to catch the bus for our trip to Ha Long Bay, about 3 hours west of Hanoi.

Kayaking and Cycling in a World Heritage Bay

Halong Bay is one of the most spectacular, and therefore heavily 'touristed' attractions in Vietnam. Kayak on Ha Long bay, Vietnam .

A Look into Beautiful Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay has been declared a UNESCO World heritage site and it really deserves the designation. It is one of the most exciting unusual places I have been to in my life.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Enjoy Lobsters When Visiting Halong Bay

When you are on your favourite Vietnam Tours and you think you have marvelled enough on the beauty of Halong Bay, then you have only satisfied one of your senses. Of course the landscape, the emerald sea, the more or less 2000 limestone karst and the beautiful junk boat cruises leave nothing but beautiful visual memories. World travellers say that if you want classical music and refined culture you go to Prague, but if you want amazing wonders of nature you go to Halong Bay. This was a fact recognized worldwide as Halong Bay was officially named one of the Seven Wonders of the World in 2012. On top of that, since 1994, the bay was already listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But do you know that the perfect Halong Bay experience of your best Vietnam tours is more than what meets your eyes?

Once you reach Bai Chai City when your Vietnam Tours adventure brings you to Halong Bay it is recommended that you take a journey down gourmet lane as you take a sample of the city’s delicious seafood selections. All the seafood is fresh as they were ordered by the restaurant owners early in the morning directly from the boat of fisherman docking on the beach. This means you can be sure that the flavour of the sea is still not lost on the lobster that is going to be served to you. If you want the surest way to eating the freshest lobster, then go to restaurants that have lobster tanks where you can choose a live lobster to be cooked exclusively for you by the resident chef. You will enjoy a sumptuous meal of lobster cooked Vietnam style and this means that only fresh ingredients are used to cook your live lobster.

Once you have tasted the best lobster on your Vietnam Tours travel in Bai Chai City, it is time to enjoy your lobster to the next level. On Halong Bay’s biggest island, you will experience fine dining on board a floating restaurant. And what could be better than eating your favourite seafood on top of the bay that offers its own bounty. On Cat Ba Island, seafood is ordered from floating villages that have their own aquaculture. Residents of these floating houses tend lovingly their fish cages full time since it is attached to their house and that means only seafood of top quality is going to be served on your table.

After enjoying a hearty meal of lobster on the floating restaurants, why not treat yourself to a relaxing foot massage. A half hour foot massage cost only $3.00 and they are available in several places in Cat Ba town. You can also go to the North West side of town and roam around the market place. The seafood section will give you an idea of how rich and bountiful Halong Bay is to its own people as you will see so many varieties of fish caught locally. You may not believe this but about 200 species of fish and more than 400 kinds of molluscs provide the daily sustenance of locals. They also can absolutely satiate your hunger for extraordinary seafood on your Vietnam tours excursion to Halong Bay.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to pack your plate and fork and be ready to enjoy lobsters in the very beautiful Halong Bay.


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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sa Sung in Halong

There are many special foods in Ha Long Bay . Almost people will talk about Sa Sung firstly when talk about special food here.

 Sa sung (Vietnamese: Sá sùng) is a kind of sea worn. It is found in some sea areas in Vietnam such as: Quang Ninh, Hai Phong, Con Dao… Its environment is sand. It lives on deep hole under sand. Length of Sa Sung is about 10 – 15cm with blow red. It looks like earth worm but it is bigger. In its bowler is full of sands. Early morning is the best time for local people to catch Sa Sung. While earning food Sa Sung lets a lot of traces on sand. Therefore, local people easy to find down it inside holes following that sign.

Coming to Quan Lan, a island of Bai Tu Long-Quang Ninh, you should not lose chances to see catching Sa Sung- this kind of organism is the main material make noodle soup dish of Ha Thanh delicious. You should enjoy a dish of fried san sung with pine apple, it is very nice.

How to cook this dish Sa Sung?

In each region, Sa Sung is cook in different ways.

Dried Sa Sung is similar to dried cuttlefish. It is a kind of ephemera, so that it contains a lot of nutrition. You have to wash them carefully, take sands out of their bowler. You should wash them under water until Sa Sung has the ivory white color. Then, you will make it dried.

In Quang Ninh and other northern provinces, they use Sa Sung as dried shrimp to cook with noodle soup or vermicelli. Local people also make this kind of organism into many delicious dishes such as baking with pepper and salt, or eat it raw with spice. This kind of food is very nutritional. In Con Dao or Vung Tau, Sa Sung is fried or baked.

Sa sung has its natural sweet taste, so you do not have to add sugar or glutamate. You only add a little salt. The native here said that if you have once chance to try this food, you will never forget it.

Prices of Sa Sung

In Quang Ninh , its price is 500.000-600000 VND per kg.

In Con Dao, it is 150000-160000 VND per kg.


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Friday, November 9, 2012

Special Foods In Halong Bay

Culinary is one of part that can’t miss in each of trip. When travelling to any destination, most of tourist not only visit beauty spots, search about cultural, historical values but also discovery and enjoy culinary there. In facts, they often use a significant time to enjoy special foods at the local. It’s not an exception when visitors come to Ha Long Bay. Coming here travelers will be satisfied with seafood and Vietnamese traditional foods. For Vietnamese traditional foods, visitors will have chance to taste and compare with other regions about flavor. Because it’s difference among areas about methods, spices… . For seafood – strength of this place – let’s enjoy to feel sophistication of chef here although they can be the local people without cooking training courses.

 It might be a little overstated to say that half of Ha Long cuisines are dishes made from sea snails, but this is to emphasize the significant contribution of this irresistible food stuff to Ha Long gastronomy.
There is no precise estimation on how many types of sea snails are edible in this beautiful bay. Huan, a local fisher said that he had seen about 20 kinds of see snails so far. The fisherman continued his story about sea snails by listing their name respectively, however, after three repeating times, this unprofessional tour-guide decided to try out directly that extraordinary creature would be the best way to “taste” Ha Long.

Cao Xanh market and Bai Chay market are the most popular spots where sea snails are supposed to be sold with the best quality. Wandering around Bai Chay, which is crowded with people eating on the sidewalks, every one can see a panel with the title: “Ha Long snail super market” that excitingly catches visitors’ eyes. Having a look through the restaurants’ menus, visitors would surely be surprised at the diversity of sea snails here.

With only one bowl of sauce made from fish-sauce, ginger, peppers and lemongrass, each type of snails with different unique flavors and different ways to enjoy would make anyone’s mouth water. Eaters enjoying snails are advised to drink hard beverages such as alcohol to avoid stomachache.

Ngan or Arca to make the wine

Visitors must be excited when served special liquor named “Ngán – Arca Wine” (“Ngán” is a species of Veneridae). This special drink is actually a mixture of typically Vietnamese rice wine and “Ngán” blood, which is supposed to benefit men’s sexual ability.
After the mixture is completed, the wine transforms into a light red color with totally a different flavor. Spirit followers cannot wait to drink it, to feel an immediate absorbent into their bodies.

Another well-known alcohol named “Hoanh Bo” should definitely not be missed when visiting Ha Long. With low volume of alcoholic, the liquor is not tough to conquer, yet some people who consumes too much Hoanh Bo need 2-3 days to sober.

Ha Long is also famous for squid-sausages, which is told to be delicious and fragrant only when processed by restaurants here. The food is a fusion of hashed squid and mysterious spices that only the chefs know, molded into round pieces and then fried in boiling oil. This special dish can be found anywhere along the shore from Quang Ninh to Hai Phong, but nowhere has the same level of deliciousness like in Ha Long.

The diversity of shrimps, from the luxurious one like lobsters to the other common shrimps, is another outstanding feature of cuisine in Ha Long. To many local people, a dish of streamed shrimps, served with lemonadized salt and a dish of freshly spicy vegetables, is an ideal meal for a joyful friendly union.

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